TKTM: Part 1


Excuse the simplicity of this post, but some stories, or at least parts of it, need to be told in the simplest way possible.

Once upon a time there lived a young girl in some part of the world, about 9-10 years of age, who wore spectacles. She did not go to school. They taught her at home. For a few weeks every summer she was sent to her aunt. She longed for this little vacation throughout the year. It was all very refreshing for the little child, the flower-shop, her cousins, and Mahir. Especially Mahir.

This year too she was very excited for her visit to that strange world. Little did she know that something bizzare was waiting for her. Something she would never figure out whether to hate or appreciate. Something she would dream about even years later. Nightmares. 

Karun was the boy’s name. 

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